Published in Proceedings of the 19th Eurographics conference on Rendering (EGSR 2008)

Lazy Solid Texture Synthesis

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Lazy solid synthesis starts from 2D images and synthesizes a solid texture on a surface. Only the required parts of the volume are effectively synthesized. a) A gargoyle textured by a 10243volume. b) Thanks to spatial determinism, the object may be broken and the interior textured in a consistent manner. c) 0.42% of the voxels are synthesized by our algorithm, requiring only 5.4 seconds for synthesis and 17.9MB of storage, instead of 3GB for the full volume. d) Our approach enables interactive cutting of objects with on demand synthesis for the appearing surfaces. New textures are synthesized in about 8 milliseconds.


Existing solid texture synthesis algorithms generate a full volume of color content from a set of 2D example images. We introduce a new algorithm with the unique ability to restrict synthesis to a subset of the voxels, while enforcing spatial determinism. This is especially useful when texturing objects, since only a thick layer around the surface needs to be synthesized. A major difficulty lies in reducing the dependency chain of neighborhood matching, so that each voxel only depends on a small number of other voxels.
Our key idea is to synthesize a volume from a set of pre-computed 3D candidates, each being a triple of interleaved 2D neighborhoods. We present an efficient algorithm to carefully select in a pre-process only those candidates forming consistent triples. This significantly reduces the search space during subsequent synthesis. The result is a new parallel, spatially deterministic solid texture synthesis algorithm which runs efficiently on the GPU.
Our approach generates high resolution solid textures on surfaces within seconds. Memory usage and synthesis time only depend on the output textured surface area. The GPU implementation of our method rapidly synthesizes new textures for the surfaces appearing when interactively breaking or cutting objects.


Texture synthesis, solid texture



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We would like to thank Baining Guo, Li-Yi Wei, and the anonymous reviewers for their help in improving the paper, as well as Su Wang for 3D modeling. This work is partly supported by the NSFC (National Natural Science Foundation of China), grant 10547002.