Published in CGI 2020: Advances in Computer Graphics

Deep Inverse Rendering for Practical Object Appearance Scan with Uncalibrated Illumination


In this paper, we propose a practical method to estimate object appearance from an arbitrary number of images. We use a moving flashlight as light source, and encode surface reflectance properties in a pre-learned embedded latent space. Such lighting and appearance model combination enables our method to effectively narrow the solution space. Uncalibrated illumination requirement extremely simplifies our setup and affords it unnecessary to accurately locate light positions in advance. Moreover, our method automatically selects key frames before appearance estimation, which largely reduces calculation cost. Both synthetic and real experiments demonstrate that our method can recover object appearance accurately and conveniently.


Appearance modeling, Inverse rendering

Paper and video


This work is partially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 61632003) and is also funded in part by the University of Macau under Grant MYRG2019-00006-FST.